September bookhaul

Hi! Thought I’d do a bookhaul post. I got a lot of new books in September. Too many actually since I don’t really have time to read anything other the course material. I’d wanted to post a picture of the books but I’m sitting on campus right now and don’t have access to the books! Anyway here’s a list of the books I bought in September:

Harry Potter and the philosophers stone –  JK Rowling
Switched – Amanda Hocking (done reading)
Afterburn & Aftershock – Sylvia Day (done reading)
Mazerunner – James Dashner (reading)
Fallen – Lauren Kate (reading)
Shatter me – Tahere Mafi
Safe Haven – Nicholas Sparks (reading)
Evolution of Mara Dyer – Michelle Hodkins
Twilight saga white edition – Stephenie Meyer
John Green the collection – John Green (with David Levithan)
So I’ve read a few, am reading a few and twilight saga the white edition I bought only because they’re beautiful and will look really good in my bookshelf.
Two of my friends and I decided to do kind of a book circle starting now. We’re starting with Of Poseidon by Anna Banks and then continuing on that series. Should be fun.
Anyway I’ll try to do a review on the books I have read soon.
Talk to you later (hopefully)!
xx Kayla

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