Of Poseidon by Anna Banks (The Syrena Legacy #1)

Original title: Of Poseidon
Year published: 2012
Published by: Fiewel and Friends
Number of pages: 326 plus the first chapter from Of Triton and a short story called Legacy Lost
First sentence:  “I smack into him as if shoved from behind”

Plot: Emma has just turned eighteen when the worst thing imaginable happens. Her best friend dies in a shark attack while they’re on vacation together in Florida. After that life just doesn’t seem worth living, that is until the boy she met that same day on the beach turns up at her school. Galen is unbelievably attractive sure, but there’s something about him that Emma can’t quite put her finger on. Before she even has time to recover from the death of her best friend she is swept up in a world she thought only existed in fairytales.

My thoughts:

This is an amazing book. Really. I love all the characters even the ones I didn’t like in the beginning of the book. The main characters evolve so much during the course of just a couple of weeks and I kept thinking that if I were in Emmas shoes I probably would have killed myself or somebody else by now. But she just keeps fighting despite all of her hardships and the things she learns about her life. I’m not sure I’ve ever been as excited to read a second book before. Of Poseidon ended with such a cliffhanger that I don’t know what to do with myself right now. So I’ve established that Emma is an amazing young woman and I’m not sure that I even want to get into the whole Galen ordeal yet. I’m still recovering from reading about him. No I think I’ll skip Galen for now, sad but true. I’ll go on to the amazing humor in this book. It’s not often I laugh aloud while reading books, especially not books with this much heartache. Since Emma and Galen have been raised very differently (she says without spoiling anything) they have some trouble understanding each other (mostly Galen has trouble understanding Emma) and this makes for some really funny moments. Emmas humor alone is funny but when you add Galens confusion to that it’s just amazing!

So to sum up, this book is amazing and I think you should all give it a try.

Favorite funny moment:  “As far as I can tell, chillin’ is the equivalent of being in a coma, only awake.”

On Goodreads I gave this 5/5!

Sorry for my crappy plot summary, keep in mind that this is my first review ever (basically, I don’t count the ones I did in school).

Please comment!

xx Kayla


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