Hey guys. I just wanted to apologize for my crappy updating. But I’m really happy to see that my blog is spreading throughout the world. Most of my readers are from Sweden, hej Sverige! America is in second place so hello to all you Americans out there. I’ve also got readers from Finland, Denmark, France and most recently the Netherlands so terve, hej, bonjour and hallo to all of you as well! I’m really happy that so many of you are here. I never thought that I would reach this many people. Anyway, I would love to give you guys a book review or something but I’m so busy with school and stuff. I’ve got an essay to hand in tomorrow and a presentation on Wednesday. It’s really stressful. I did order a new book a few days ago “Rooms” by Lauren Oliver. I felt like reading something scary now that Halloween is coming up and everything. So I’ll let you know when that arrives.

Anyway, have really nice day if you’re in the states and evening if you’re in Europe, and I’ll talk to you soon hopefully. Please comment, I would love to know who you are and how you came to stumble upon my little blog. Take care!

xx Kayla


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