Ultimate book tag

Thank you Bella over at bellasbok.blogg.se for tagging me!
1. Do you get sick while reading in the car?
Yes! I mean I can read some short stuff on my phone, check facebook and stuff. But a book? No way, there’s no use in even trying. I need to keep my eyes on the road for the most part.

2. Which author’s writing style is completely unique to you and why?
I would have to say Anna Banks. I mean I’ve only actually read one of her books (shame on me!) but I loved it. The humor and also switching between first person (Emma) and third person (Galen) point of view, I thought I’d hate it but it turns out that I loved it! I’m of course referring to Of Poseidon (Serena Legacy #1).

3. Harry Potter series or the Twilight Saga? Give 3 points to defend your answer.
Ooh, this is a tough one. I absolutely love Twilight, I have since the first time I read it when I was like 12-13 or something and I probably will continue to love it for the rest of my life. I only recently hopped on the Harry Potter train, I mean I love, love, love the movies and I thought it was time that I started with the books as well. I’ve only read half of the Philosopher’s stone and I love it. But they’re two completely different stories and I can’t really compare them to each other.

4. Do you carry a book bag? If so, what is in it (besides books…)?
Definition of book bag please? I always carry a bag with me when I go to school. For notebooks, pens and such. And I always bring my earphones/headphones or whatever you’d like to call them. I have quite a way to go to get to uni and so I always listen to music on my way there, daydreaming and coming up with new stories to write. I guess that’s what they call an active imagination huh?

5. Do you smell your books?
Yes, I do. Not always, but I do. There’s nothing better than the smell of a newly purchased book. Am I right?

6. Books with or without little illustrations?

7. What book did you love while reading but discovered later it wasn’t quality writing?
Hmmm. I’m going to hate myself for this answer ‘cause it sounds so mainstream, everybody says this about this book, or series. But, Fifty Shades of Grey. Don’t get me wrong, I love it but it’s quite poorly written. But I was able to look past that since the story is so good!

8. Do you have any funny stories involving books from your childhood? Please share!
No, at least I don’t think so.

9. What is the thinnest book on your shelf?
Probably my own book. Horribly named “Forever” and it’s about 50 pages or so long. It’s awful. No one but me is ever going to read it.

10. What is the thickest book on your shelf?
So wish I could say “The Complete Works of William Shakespeare” which is on my wishlist for this Christmas *crosses fingers* but sadly it’s not. The thickest book on my bookshelf is a book for school. It’s “the Norton introduction to Literature”. So not fun.

11. Do you write as well as read? Do you see yourself in the future as being an author?
Yes, I do. Write that is. Mostly fanfictions and at the moment not so much at all. All though I have published to chapters of my Avengers fanfiction on both fanfiction.net and Wattpad. @mindcrazed if you would like to check it out.

12. When did you get into reading?
Probably when I was about 10 or something like that.

13. What is your favorite classic book?
 My favorite classic. Hmm.. Not sure if I have a favorite classic. I’m assuming that by classic you mean something along the lines of Brontë, Austen or Poe right? I’ve read books by the first two but for me the ultimate classic would be anything by William Shakespeare, Sonnet 18 is by far my favorite.

15. If you were given a book as a present that you had read before and hated…what would you do?
Haha, I don’t know. Maybe pass it along to someone else?

16. What is a lesser known series that you know of that is similar to Harry Potter or the Hunger Games?
Oh gosh. I don’t know. A lesser known series? Hmm.. I’m assuming you want to know of a series that could be as big as the mentioned series because they’re in no way alike. One is fantasy and one is Dystopia. I have a few series I’ve read/am reading that I hope will be this big. They sure deserve to be. The “Sweet Evil” series by Wendy Higgins, “Syrena Legacy” series by Anna Banks and the “Trylle” series by Amanda Hocking. These deserve to be in the spotlight a lot more than they are at the moment!
17. What is a bad habit you always do (besides rambling) while blogging?
I always promise to post stuff and then break that promise. I also apologize a lot. I need to stop that. Sorry.

18. What is your favorite word?
I only get to choose one? That’s so not fair. Hmm.. Enraged. Yep, no explanation needed.

19. Are you a nerd, dork, or dweeb? Or all of the above?
 And the difference being? I guess all of the above then.

20. Vampires or Fairies? Why?
 Vampires, because, vampires. Simple as that.
21. Shapeshifters or Angels? Why?
Angels. Or rather Nephilim. Because they’re a bunch of sexy MOFO’s.

22.  Spirits or Werewolves? Why?
Werewolves. The sexy kind though. Twilight werewolves, Mercy Falls werewolves, yep.

23. Zombies or vampires?
Again, vampires, because zombies freak me out.

24. Love triangle or forbidden love?
Forbidden love. I mean I love love triangles but I get tired of them pretty fast. Romeo and Juliet kind of forbidden love is more of my thing.

25. Lastly: Full on romance books or action-packed with a few love scenes mixed in?
I like a mix between the two. Loads of love but still a bit of action here and there. Wouldn’t want it to get boring, would we?
I don’t have anyone to tag but if you feel up for it then go ahead! I thought this was fun!
xx Kayla

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