Torn by Amanda Hocking (Trylle #2)

Original title: Torn
Year published: 2012
Published by: St Martin’s Press
Number of pages: 291 plus a collection of one shots named “One Day: Three Ways”
First sentence: “When Rhys and I showed up at my “brother” Matt’s house at eight in the morning, he was happy…in the sense that he was glad I was alive and hadn’t disappeared forever.”

Plot: After the events in “Switched” Wendy doesn’t think her life could get any more complicated. She was wrong. She’s kidnapped by Vittra trackers and while in captivity she learns more things about her past. Things that maybe would have been best kept hidden. In the middle of all of this there are her feelings, feelings she’s not sure she should have.

My thoughts: I don’t understand people who complain about Amanda’s writing. I totally love it, it’s real. And sure this book may not have been packed with as much action as the first one but it was still enough. I don’t think that an action filled book was her goal here. You get to learn a lot more about the history of Wendy’s people, both Trylle and Vittra. You also get to see Wendy working really hard to get her powers in order so that she can help her people. Wendy matures a lot in this book, she realizes that she has to consider what’s best for her people and not just what’s best for her and so she makes some decisions, decisions that might not be in her best interest but ones that she can live with nonetheless. I love this series and I love all the pop culture references and how the author used Swedish words such as “Förening, Ondarike, Mänsklig” and so on. It made it a whole lot more relatable, at least for me, being Swedish and all.
I went on goodreads because I wanted to leave a review and I stumbled upon a review. Someone decided it would be fun to spoil the next book. Let’s just say I’m not happy. At first I thought I wasn’t going to read the last book but I quickly decided against that. I love the series too much to give up on it just because someone spoiled it for me.
Anyway, great book. I do recommend it!


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