Ascend by Amanda Hocking (Trylle #3)

Original title: Ascend
Year published: 2012
Published by: Tor/ St Martin’s press
Number of pages: 326 pages
First sentence: “I had my back to the room as I stared out the window”

Plot: Wendy is once again faced with one hard decision after another. In the choice between her own life and the lives of her people, can she find a way to save herself and the rest of the Trylle? And what about love? Wendy is starting to realize that maybe life with Tove isn’t going to be enough for her.

My thoughts: Oh my god. For those who thought there wasn’t enough action in the last book. Here you go! This book has got action, friendship, family and some love scenes that are to die for. Even though I got this book spoiled for me earlier I enjoyed reading it and I’m very happy with how it all turned out. Wendy evolves more during this book and she finally comes to terms with the fact that just because Finn was her first “love” it doesn’t mean that he has to be her only love. We also get to see Wendy’s mother Elora finally letting go of her regal ways, she finally lets her guard down and she and Wendy start some kind of mother/daughter relationship.

The only bad thing I have to say about this book is that I hate that every single book ends with marriage and babies. Why is that necessary? Fifty Shades, Twilight and now this. I mean I love happy endings but it just feels so ”been there done that”. Other than that I loved the book and the entire series. I’m looking forward to reading some more of Amanda’s books. I think the next one will be “Wake” but before that I have a lot of other books that needs reading.


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