Kindle, yay or nay?

Hello again. I’ve been very busy lately with school and everything. Christmas is only a week away today (we celebrate on the 24th in Sweden) and I’ve got an exam on the 22nd (linguistics, fun right?) so I’m a tad stressed at the moment. I’m upset that I haven’t really been able to read a lot these past few weeks but I’ve got at least one review coming your way.
On another note, I’ve got a question for you guys. E-books, what do you think about those? I used to be very against reading on my iPad or computer, I usually only read short stuff, like fanfics on the the PC or iPad, anything longer and I felt like I was cheating on my books haha. But last night I decided to give it another shot, I set up a Kindle account and downloaded some free books and I gotta say I liked it. I read a 235 page book last night and was happily surprised by the fact that I managed to keep my eyes on the iPad for that long, I usually get headaches fairly soon after the reading starts. I’m never going to give up on physical books because there’s just something special about holding an actual book you know. But when it comes to downloading some free books and reading on the iPad, yes! Two thumbs up for Kindle!

I’m going to start writing reviews now. Will talk to you later!

xx Kayla

P.S I thought I’d share my Christmas playlist with you!
I’m using my brother’s account because he has a Premium one 😉

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