My books

Hi guys. Hope you’ve all had a great holiday! I thought I’d share a picture of all of my books with you. I finally thought I’d gotten all of my books together but apparently some are still on the loose. Anyway.

Crappy pic ’cause I took it with my crappy iPhone. Anyhow, as you can see I’ve got the Twilight saga in both the white and the original editions. In here are also some books in Swedish, blah! There are 76 books in this pile and of those 5 are on loan from Bella (yeah you know that other blogger I’m always mentioning) and my little sister. There are 28 unread books just lying there waiting for me. I’ve no idea which book to read next. I did not include my IKEA bag of books I read years ago in this pile. Hardly seemed necessary as I can’t remember half of the books I read before the age of 15 haha.
I did start (and finish) reading ‘Sweet Reckoning’ by Wendy Higgins today so I expect a review to be up before New Year’s Eve! Speaking of which; what are your plans? I’m spending the night with my wifey Erika (who’s blog I sure hope you’ve read by now) and for my New Year’s kiss I’ll have to see which cat is available haha.
Anyway I’m done ranting. Have a lovely night/day wherever in the world you may be!
Lots of love, Kayla

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