Sweet Reckoning by Wendy Higgins (The Sweet Trilogy #3)

Original title: Sweet Reckoning
Year published: 2014
Published by: Harper Collins
Number of pages: 385
First sentence: “Not a soul in the Vegas cocktail lounge had any idea demons were in their midst”

Plot: The time has come for Anna to face her destiny. But will she give up the one she loves most to save everyone else, herself even? Anna is not alone in the war against evil, her Neph friends stand with her even though they have problems of their own to deal with. Will faith prevail?

My thoughts: I’m sure by now you all know the love I have for the woman who wrote this series. I mean wow! This series have been one hell of a roller coaster ride. Starting with shock, me being mad at Kai, fear, me being mad at Kai, nervousness, me being mad at Kai, blushing, me being mad at Kai’s dad and finally happiness. So yes, mostly it’s just been me and most people being mad at Kai. But also falling in love with Kai. Yes, I think I speak for most people in saying that. I can’t wait for ‘Sweet Temptation’ when we finally get to read everything from his point of view, can it be September already!?

Anyway, this book was great. The best thing about this book was that there was no more of this “you can’t be together” crap, at least not when it came to Anna and Kai, I was psyched about that. There was a lot of love in this book, a loooot of love, if you know what I mean 😉 There were some parts where I blushed, before the real stuff even started!  There were a lot of Kai looking angry, which I totally love cause angry, smoldering Kai is one sexy beast, and the accent helps, believe you me. Of course Anna and Kai’s relationship wasn’t the only one to evolve but I’m not going to spoil that. I don’t think that talking about Kai and Anna’s relationship is really spoiling since it’s always been pretty obvious that they were going to get together, so to speak.

There was a lot of creepiness in this book, I mean jeesh, Duke of Lust get your shit together, respectfully, sir. Seriously, Pharzuph’s behavior totally grossed me out, major goose bump time.

I cried in the end. Tears of joy, mind you. Like I’ve said before that doesn’t happen that often so it says a lot about the feelings during those last few pages. I mean wow, if I wasn’t already in love with Kaidan Rowe, I most certainly am now.

Buy, read and weep! Sweet Evil, Sweet Peril and Sweet Reckoning are the names of the book. Sweet Temptation, which is a book from Kai’s point of view is scheduled to be released in September of 2015.


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