See Me by Wendy Higgins

Original title: See Me
Year published: 2014
Published by: Wendy Higgins
Number of pages: 309
First sentence: “Cecelia Mason had never been more frightened.”

Plot: Since she was six years old Robyn has imagined flying to Ireland and meeting McKale for the first time. Things, however, are not exactly as she imagined and she soon finds herself in a fight for something she never thought she’d be fighting for. Oh, and her opponent? A faerie princess.

My thoughts: LOVE, LOVE, LOVED this book. First of all Ireland, second of all Irish accent and third; McKale. Oh sweet lord.
The characters were great, the complemented each other very nicely. The Mason family; mom Cecelia and dad Léon were such a loving couple and you could tell right away that they loved each other and their children. Which brings us to the Mason daughters, Robyn and Cassidy. They had a really great dynamic, where Robyn kept her feelings on the inside Cassidy had her heart on her sleeve. Robyn and Cassidy had that sisterly relationship most sisters crave. Then there’s the two Chaun boys, McKale and Rock. Rock is a wild, shoot first ask question later sort of guy. McKale is a quiet guy, at least at first. There were points when I thought he was a total asshole but mostly I just swooned. The asshole part was because of the FFG as Cassidy calls her, it stands for Freaky Faerie Girl. The FFG is a total bitch, out to destroy Robyn and McKales relationship. Ugh, just thinking about her pisses me off. So basically what I’m saying is that all the characters were amazing just like they are in the Sweet Series, so basically what I’m saying is that Wendy Higgins is great at building characters. Yup.
The story is a really great one, even though at the end there are still some questions that went unanswered. And I thought the book was way too short, I mean it’s not like it just ended abruptly or anything but 300 pages is not nearly enough, I wanted more Robyn and McKale, what happens next? I also wanted more Cassidy and Rock. But I do think I heard a little birdy saying that there may be a book about Cassidy on its way. Let’s hope so, Cassidy’s story certainly isn’t over.

It takes place in Ireland, I mean come on, seriously, Ireland. McKale has the cutest accent, I even read it with the accent in my head, haha. The location sounds beautiful, the fields and that waterfall, jeez. I so would like to visit that place, drink some mead, or maybe some of that moonshine and listen to McKale telling the story of his folk.

Do I recommend it? Heck yes!

Favorite line: “Holy sihtballs. We’re in the Shire.”

Goodreads rating: 5/5

Now all I have to do is wait for September and Sweet Temptation to come along. Hurry up September! I need me some Kai!


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