Bookishwives: Throwbook Thursday

Hello lovelies. We thought that we’d do a sort of Throwback Thursday thing for you. We all have these books we’ve read that we really loved right? No matter how many years pass we still remember them and we try to push them on everybody. So now it’s your turn to have books pushed onto you. We’re going to try and make this a weekly thing ‘cause as we’re sure you know there are LOADS of great books out there. So here we go, our very first “Throwbook Thursday”.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by J.K. Rowling


We all know it. We’ve all seen the movie. We’ve all fallen in love with the magical world. It is a must read for children and adults alike. Here are some reasons why we think that you should read it:

Kayla: I am terribly ashamed to say that I only recently read this and that it’s the only Harry Potter book I’ve actually read. Shame on me. I’ll read the other ones don’t worry *crosses heart*. So what about my reasons?

  • First of all, it’s amazing! The world, the characters, everything!
  • The main character is not this tough guy whom everybody likes right away, quite the opposite actually.
  • There’s a bad ass female character (who gets more bad ass in later books, or so I’ve heard), yes I’m talking about Hermione, who’d you think I was talking about?
  • Amazing accents, especially Hagrid’s, Scottish come on!
  • You don’t want to be ashamed you haven’t read it like I was, do you?

Erika: I actually read this in 1999. Yeah, I’m old. I literally grew up with the HP series and it is still one of my favourites. Reasons why you should read it? Here ya go:

  • It might be a children’s book, but it will rock your teen/adult world nonetheless. The language in the first book might not be Nobel-worthy, but the plot and characters are to die for.
  • MAGIC! Come on, magic could be the one sole reason for why you should want to read it. I picked up sticks and pretended they were wands until I turned 13. I still want to sometimes, but it is cute when you do it as a child, as a 25-year-old you just look mental.
  • Come on, who doesn’t love Hermione? If you don’t you should re-evaluate your life. Smartest witch to ever live, and always helping her friends. You just have to love her.
  • NEVILLE! Mister Longbottom is the most underappreciated character of them all, but to me, he is the best of them. He comes so far in the series, and he is a true hero. Not because he was born to be, but because he chose to be in order to save his friend.
  • If you have seen the movies, then reading the books will give you so much more. There is so much that the movies fail to bring up, so many little details that will blow your mind.

So there you have it! Our very first Throwbook Thursday. We hope you like it because there will be many more!

// Kayla and Rickus


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