Top Ten Tuesday


Hi guys. I thought I’d try this whole Top Ten Tuesday thing created by It always looks like fun and I wanted to join in! So here’s my very first Top Ten Tuesday post.

Ten authors I REALLY want to meet:

  1. Wendy Higgins – Need I really explain myself? I think it’s quite obvious I adore this woman and all she writes.
  2. Christina Lee – This lady right here is lovely. I’ve spoken to her on Twitter a bunch of times and she’s always the nicest. When I didn’t get approved to review her books on NetGalley she made it happen. Also she’s an amazing writer. I think that I’d have a great time hanging with her.
  3. Karina Halle – She seems like a fun gal to hang around. Also her fashion sense is awesome. Also of course a great writer.
  4. Victoria Schwab – I’d like to pick her brains about some stuff. Unanswered questions. Hmm.
  5. J.K. Rowling – Every Potterhead’s dream right? No brainer.
  6. Leigh Bardugo – She seems like such a fun person! From her tweets I feel a lot of sarcasm. I love sarcasm. Also I need to ask her about the freakin’ Darkling!
  7. Oscar Wilde – Yes I know he’s dead. But still.
  8. William Shakespeare – Another dead guy. I don’t even need to explain this do I?
  9. Cassandra Clare – Shadowhunters, shadowhunters, shadowhunters. Also she seems sassy. I like it!
  10. Sarah J Maas – Still haven’t actually read any of her books. Shame on me. Both Throne of Glass and A Court of Thorns and Roses are waiting for me. But she also seems like such a lovely person. You know?

Okay so this is such a lame list. Reasons for wanting to meet? They seem like great people. Yeah. But I guess that’s good because maybe it’s nice for authors to meet people who doesn’t only bombard them with questions about their books, right?

I’m proud of myself for making a list with not only ladies, granted the two dudes are quite dead but who cares?

Thanks for reading! xx Kayla


5 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday

  1. Wilde and Rowling were on my list too. You’ve got some authors I don’t know on here, I will need to check them out! Great list. Welcome to Top Ten Tuesday! 🙂


  2. Most of the authors I’d want to meet are dead. Oscar Wilde, Charles Dickens, Mark Twain…if only we could bring them back for one day and ask for their critique…just imagine!


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