Hi guys! So the last review I wrote was the one for The Witch Hunter by Virginia Boecker. I’m currently reading Reckoning by Lorenz Font but I’m honestly not feeling it at all. I’m not really feeling like reading at all if I’m being honest. We all have those moments right? So instead I’m writing. I came up with this idea this week after all of the TMI hysteria that’s been going around. So I’m writing a fanfic. I thought I’d share a snippet with you and also my writing playlist.


Now the playlist is being expanded as we speak, this is just what I’ve got so far. There’s a lot of Imagine Dragons on there. I love Imagine Dragons 😉


This is a little snippet of what I’m doing. I took the photo with my phone so it’s not that great. Suppose I could’ve done a print screen but who cares?

Anyway I’m really excited about this story, I’ve had a couple of ideas like it since the first time I read City of Bones so I’m happy to finally write it.

I’ll get back ro reading soon! In the mean time I’ll post other book related things on here for you guys to enjoy.

Thanks so much for stopping by, xx Kayla


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