Top Ten Tuesday


Hey guys. So today’s Top Ten Tuesday is a freebie which means I get to choose the topic myself. It was hard, really I couldn’t come up with anything so I’m just gonna go with what’s easiest. So here are my Top Ten Book Boyfriends! In no particular order 😉

  • Mateo Casalles – From Karina Halle’s Love, In English: Mateo Casalles is a sexy, lovely ex soccer/football player. He’s 35+ and he speaks with a Spanish accent. Yum.
  • Kaidan Rowe – Kai is the bad boy your mother warned you about. Kai plays the drums, has an English accent and he knows how to do things you couldn’t even begin to imagine.
  • Cory Easton & Jude York – From Christina Lee’s There You Stand comes these two men. They are both sexy, adorable and totally boyfriend material. It’s a shame they bat for the other team. Though they are absolutely perfect together.
  • Jem Carstairs – From Cassandra Clare’s the Infernal Devices I bring you Jem. Ah Jem. He’s a gentleman and truly loveable. You need Jem, trust me.
  • Any Herondale boy – Also Cassandra Clare. Okay, so by any I mean Will and Jace. Sassy boys with English accents. I mean come on. Both are also kind of assholes, at least that’s what they want people to think.
  • Sebastian/Jonathan Morgenstern – Okay so he’s an evil bastard but I can’t help it alright! Also I hear he may have some redeeming qualities. We’ll see what happens in the later TMI books.
  • Elliot Grey – Brother of Christian Grey. Coined the term “Laters, baby”. I actually prefer Elliot to Christian, for obvious reasons.
  • Cameron Briel – I know, I know. I should like Daniel more right? Well I don’t. There’s more to the story. And I’m gonna find out when I read Torment.
  • Adrian Ivashkov – I’m not even going to explain this. It’s Adrian.
  • Gideon Cross – A tad nicer than Christian Grey. Also hotter. Also calls Eva “Angel”. I have a thing for that particular nickname.

Honorable mention, Alex, who makes appearances in both ‘There You Stand’ and ‘Two of Hearts’ by Christina Lee. I love Alex. Though I need more, haha.

So can you tell I have a thing for sassy bad boys with English accents? And also Cassandra Clare? And Christina Lee? Well there are reasons. Technically this is more than ten but who cares? They all deserve to be on this list. Seriously, I have too many book boyfriends. Shh, don’t tell my real life boyfriend *winks*.

As always, thanks for reading!

xx Kayla


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