BOOKISHWIVES: Throwbook Thursday

It’s already Thursday again! Time just flies by at the moment. But another week, another book.This week the book is one that we both here at Bookishwives absolutely love.


Erika’s thoughts:

I borrowed this book from Kayla. I was a little apprehensive but fell heels over head in love with this book.

  1. It has angels, demons and nephilims. What more could you want?
  2. Kaidan Rowe. Holy crap, Kaidan Rowe. #ISighForKai
  3. Anna is an amazing and badass female character. Gotta love that.
  4. The female characters overall. The women stand together and help each other. #beautiful
  5. There are two books, one more on the way!

Seriously, just go read this book, it’s fantastic!

Kayla’s thoughts:

Basically Erika already mentioned everything but here I go anyway!

  2. Kaidan Rowe. Omg seriously, I freaking sigh for Kai.
  3. Anna doesn’t take any shit. Except maybe from Kai but that’s beside the point
  4. The whole neph crew is awesome. Seriously if you don’t like Kai you’re definitely gonna like Blake or Kope!
  5. Steamy goodness 😉

So yes. Read it and freakin’ weep! Book number four will be out in September. Lucky me I’m currently reading it. I love ARCs!


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