This is a non-book related post so if you don’t want to read this then just look past it.

So as you guys know, I live in Sweden. Here we always here about what’s going on in America. For instance, when I was in upper secondary school we watched the Columbine documentary with Michael Moore. And we talked about how something like that could never happen here. We’re Sweden, we’re a bunch of chickens basically.

So we kept hearing about these school shootings in America and every time I heard about one I got so upset because I couldn’t understand how someone could do something like that, I still can’t. Our thoughts went to “how long before this happens closer to home?”.

I’m writing this post because today it happened closer to home. In a town about 4 hours from where I live and only 20 minutes from where my mother lives. A man walked in to a school with a sword (so not a gun) and attacked people. Four people were injured and one person DIED. My initial reaction was that it was a joke because things like that don’t happen here, right? But they do. And I am devastated. I just don’t understand how, WHY, someone would do this to other people. I don’t care what this person’s reason my be. You don’t walk into as SCHOOL with a SWORD and KILL people. Just. NO.

I don’t really have anything else to say besides that my thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of this tragedy and their families ❤


One thought on “#KRONAN

  1. I’m so sorry Kayla. I live in the US and these school shootings make me so sad and scared and angry. My boys have to do “intruder drills” where they have to practice hiding and being very quiet. It just makes me cry. I don’t understand how someone can kill anyone, let alone innocent children. And the others who experience the horror, and live through it…I live in Colorado. I know people who were at Columbine that day. I had friends in the building at Arapahoe High School when a gunman entered that building almost two years ago, and it is just blocks away from one of my best friends. My teacher friends tell me that they are prepared to protect their students at all costs. I have friends who were potential jurors in the Aurora theater shooting. It makes me so sad that our schools and theaters and churches are not safe places. And I don’t know how to fix it, which is frustrating.

    These events leave a scar. It heals but never goes away. I hope and pray that you and your community are coming together. And beginning the healing process. ❤


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