Taking a break

Hi guys. I’m sure you noticed that it’s pretty quiet around here. I’ve been taking an unofficial break for a while now and that’s going to continue until mid April (that’s the plan anyways) and then I’ll be back with a bunch of stuff. I know I should’ve announced it sooner but life has been killing me lately and I hope that you all understand what with the things being said in my post about anxiety. 

I’m still reading, though, albeit a bit slower than usual. 

I’ll be moving on April 2nd and getting married on April 16th so I’ll be busy until then but after that I plan to return to the land of the living! 

Thanks for sticking around, xx Kayla 

Anxiety = absence

Hello everyone! I just thought I’d write a post about why it’s been so quiet around here for a while. I really hate that I’ve been neglecting the blog but I needed to focus on myself these past weeks.

So what’s been going on with me? Well, what’s been going on has been going on since I was about ten years old but it hasn’t really been a problem until recently. I suffer from anxiety. Anxiety in the form that I worry about things constantly, I don’t function well without structure and my brain won’t shut up, which leads to me not sleeping properly. Until recently I’ve always managed my anxiety somewhat well but after lack of structure and a lot of stress I had two anxiety attacks within a week of each other. For me anxiety attacks are much like panic attacks, I have trouble breathing, I cry and sometimes I throw up. The aftermath of this is kind of like after you’ve had the stomach flu, you feel feverish and sick.

So, I decided to get help. And I did. I started my medication on the 20th of this month. I can’t say that I feel better because it’s going to take a couple of months for the drugs to have effect. I do however notice some things, like the fact that my mouth is dry, constantly and my brain I just kind of, not all there.

So while I’ve been dealing with this I’ve also kind of stayed away from people. I’ve felt that another anxiety attack hasn’t been far off so I’ve just kind of stayed away from things I know have made me anxious in the past. So I haven’t been on Twitter as much.

The thing is that ordinary, daily, mundane things just gets to be too much for me and I can’t go on the way I used too. Some days I feel fine and some days I just feel this anxiety creeping up on me. The anxiety is always there but some days it’s just *more* there. It’s hard to explain.

I have been reading, however so when I feel like I can manage to write the reviews there’ll be a lot of them up!


I know that many people keep quiet about these things, but I don’t see the point. I feel that in telling people what’s going on with me they might get a better understanding of why I do the things I do and why I act weird sometimes. I don’t know, maybe I’m crazy.


So that’s it. Know that I appreciate you guys very much!


Lots of love, Kayla

Ten Families I’d like to spend Thanksgiving with



It’s that time of the week again, another Tuesday, another Top Ten Tuesday post. This week the theme is things we’re Thanksgiving because it’s Thanksgiving time. Now, I’ve never celebrated Thanksgiving because we don’t really celebrate Thanksgiving here. It’s always been a dream of mine to celebrate Thanksgiving like a real American. So, what am I going to list today? Well, I’m glad you ask. I’m going to list ten fictional families I’d like to celebrate Thanksgiving with.

The Whitt/Rowe family (and all those included who don’t share the last name) from the Sweet Evil series by Wendy Higgins. And by this I mean that no one has died and everyone is alive and well. Except Pharzuph, yeah, he can stay dead. There’s this scene in Sweet Reckoning where they celebrate Thanksgiving at Patty’s house and I just wanna be right there with them.

Everyone at Hogwarts. I want one of those feasts but at Thanksgiving instead of Christmas. Yeah, okay, I wouldn’t mind Christmas either but anyway.

The Delos family from Starcrossed by Josepine Angelini because it would be craaaazy and I would love it!

Chaol, Celaena and Dorian from the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J Maas because I love them! It would be extra fun if Rowan and Aedion could join as well!

The McGregor family from The Pact, The Offer and The Play by Karina Halle. So. Much. Yum. McGregor boy do it better.

Peeta, Katniss, Effie and Haymitch from The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, preferably not aboard a moving train.This is a family of sorts, right?

The Cullens from The Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer. Yeah I know they don’t eat but I mean Nessie and Jacob has to eat right? I hear Esmé is a great cook.

Some Shadowhunters and other people from The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare. Jace, Clary, Simon, Izzy, Alec, Magnus… Maybe even Sebastian because he’s my bae… Luke can also join but no Jocelyn and definitely no Valentine… though he might make it more interesting..

Speaking of Shadowhunters, I’d like to join Tessa, Will and Jem for dinner as well. Everyone at the London Institute of the 1800’s would work.

Robyn, McKale and the other leprechauns from See Me by Wendy Higgins. I know, I know, they’re Irish. But they’re so much fun! The way they party is just, WOW.



There you have it! Would you like to join me celebrating with these families or do you have others you’d prefer to spend the days with?


xx Kayla




Cinder av Marissa Meyer (Lunar Chronicles #1)

CinderSVUrsprunglig titel: Cinder
Publicerad av: Modernista
År utgiven: 2015
Antal sidor: 326
Första mening: ”Skruven i Cinders fotled hade rostat och krysset var inte mer än ett ojämnt hål”

Handling: Människor och androider trängs på de stökiga gatorna i Nya Beijing. En dödlig pest plågar befolkningen. Från rymden övervakas de av ett hänsynslöst månfolk, som väntar på att sätta sina planer i verket. Ingen vet att Jordens öde hänger på en enda flicka…

Cinder, begåvad mekaniker till yrket, är en cyborg. Hon är en andra klassens medborgare med ett mystiskt förflutet, vars styvmamma klandrar henne för hennes styvsysters sjukdom. Men när den snygge prins Kai kommer in i hennes liv upptäcker hon plötsligt att hon hamnat mitt i en intergalaktisk kamp, och samtidigt dragits in i en förbjuden attraktion.

Cinder slits, i denna futuristiska version av Ask­unge­sagan, mellan plikt och frihet, lojalitet och förräderi, och tvingas nu gräva fram hemligheter ur sitt förflutna om hennes värld ska ha en framtid.

Mina tankar: Jag vet inte riktigt vad jag hade för förhoppningar på den här boken. Jag har hört många olika åsikter om denna serie och de flesta av dem har varit goda. Jag gick in med ett öppet sinne och måste säga att jag vart glatt överraskad.

Cinder är den första boken i en serie och det märks, i denna bok får vi lära oss om världen berättelsen utspelas i, om det fjärde världskriget och de nya allianserna som formades därefter. Vi får också lära oss om folket på månen, numera mer känt som planeten Luna, där en ond drottning härskar. Drottning Levanna vill ingå i en allians med kejsaren av det Östra Samväldet, där Cinder bor. Mitt i allt detta finns det en epidemi av en sorts pest som skördar offer efter offer och jakten på ett botemedel pågår. Det är här Cinder kommer in i bilden, som cyborg – människa med mekaniska delar – så är hon viktig i jakten på botemedlet. Men det visar sig att det ligger mer bakom det än vad man först kan ana.

Ärligt talat så vet jag inte vad jag säga mer än att jag blev kär i Kai och tycker att Cinder är badass. Sättet som boken slutade på får mig att vilja läsa nästa del direkt, synd bara att jag inte har nästa del, haha. Det tråkiga var att jag redan i början visste hur boken skulle sluta och även om jag vet att jag brukar vara rätt snabb på att lista ut saker som kanske tar längre tid för andra så vet jag att det här var något som alla kunde se från början. Det är därför boken får 4 stjärnor istället för 5. Det här en jättebra bok och jag rekommenderar den verkligen till alla. Jag älskar återberättelser av gamla berättelser och det här var en intressant tagning på sagan om Askungen.


Stort tack till Modernista för recensions exemplaret!


The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings

Hi guys! I just wanted to share the beautifulness that arrived today as a five year anniversary gift from my boyfriend 🙂

Soooo gorgeous, right? I just want to hug them ❤ 
Have a great night you guys, I’m off to bed in a minute! xx Kayla 

#SSaD Discussion 2

ssandd button

As part of the #SSaD read along it’s now time for the second discussion post, which is also the last for the first book in the series, Something Strange & Deadly. Stay tuned for the posts on book 2 and  3.

Were you surprised at who was behind the sudden zombie uprising?
I want to say that, yes I was surprised. But I wasn’t. I started suspecting something was up with Elijah pretty early in the story so I wasn’t all that surprised to find out that he was behind the whole thing. That doesn’t mean I wasn’t pissed though, because I was. I mean I get that he wants to bring his father back and get revenge on the people that wronged him in the past but I think that raising an army of dead and chopping the heads off people is taking it a step too far. But that’s just my opinion. At first I felt sorry for Elijah but then he acted like such an ass that I couldn’t even bring myself to feel sorry for him anymore. Just, ugh. Bad move Elijah.

What do you think about Daniel’s answer to Eleanor’s question? Do you think he was being honest?
I guess this refers to the question of whether or not he’s in love with her? If it is then my answer is HELL NO. There’s no way he was telling her the truth when he said he wasn’t. I mean all the signs, the kissing and stuff. I know that sometimes we interpret signs in the wrong way but not here. No. I think he just said that because of the circumstances. He believes that they could never be together because of his past and all that jazz so he thought he’d just let her down easy, I guess. I think we’ll see more of Eleanor and Daniel’s love, there’s no way that they’re done with each other. Nah ah.

How would you convince your friends to read this book?